Four steps,shipping easily

  • Copy the address of the warehouse and ship to our warehouse

    Warehouse Info
  • Click 'shipping', input your tracking number and submit

  • Select the order,input your address and pay for it

  • Check the order status and wait for your parcels

    Check logistics status

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Our service advantage

Safe and low price

The same service guarantees that the cost performance is higher than the industry level
Long-term cooperation relationship between major logistics companies

No basic shipping Fee

Shipping fee is charged per 500g
No basic shipping Fee

Exclusive warehouse

2 large 10,000+ square warehouses in South China and East China
Professional management, efficient operation
60 days free storage

Fast transportation time

Best shipping service

A variety of value-added services

Intimate value-added services
Ensure the safety of commodity transportation

Value-added services

Free storage service for up to 60 days

Provide 60-day free storage service, during which you can merge your parcels without worrying about incurring additional costs

Parcel photo taking

According to your request, we can provide free shots of no more than three photos of the product to ensure the product sent by the seller are correct

Remove sensitive products

According to your needs, we can inspect the goods and provide the removal of sensitive products.

Special packaging requirements

Provide free repackaging service for now.

Return service in China

We can provide you with a return service by paying an additional fee

Commercial insurance (coming soon)

If you purchase commercial insurance We will provide compensation for lost package